On the go time and attendance management,
accurate in – out tracking.

Time and Location Tracking

Real time location tracking and management
Want to keep a track on your employees’ routine in and out? With our module that is compatible with your swipe machines, you can do just that and many more. E2e HR software offers you real-time attendance tracking, geo-tagging, shift management, and a lot more. Now avoid all the workplace fights regarding time and salaries!

Key Features

Shift Management
Changing your employees’ shifts does not get better than this. Our module is so easy to use that you can manage all sorts of tricky employee shifts in just one click.
Mobile GPS Mapping
Now stay updated about how much work your employees are actually putting in with e2ehr’s GPS Mapping. Our module’s got a mobile app which will enable your staff to log in from anywhere they are working.
In and Out Reporting
You can now log time daily. In fact, use our amazing time calculators to record exactly the number of hours someone has worked in the office and/ or on a project. E2ehr time module also makes your payroll processing easy!
Time, Location and Work Hour Reports
Daily, Weekly and Monthly timesheets will allow you such efficiency that you will forget everything about nasty paperwork. With this module, avoid all employee issues in a snap!

Other Features

Personalize overtime and compensations as per your policies
Easy payroll
Exempt certain employees from the time policies
Timesheet archives
Works with your biometric machines
Double shift management
Leave and holiday integrated into the annual reports
Prevents time theft
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