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Redefining the Payroll Process

Seamless Integration across Platforms
Do away with extensive spreadsheets with our one-stop solution for all your payroll needs.
What do we offer?
Scalable | Simplified & Accurate | 100% Compliant Payroll Solutions

Leave and Attendance Solutions

Designed to ease workplace hassles
Eliminate time consuming administrative jobs in managing leave and attendance.
What do we offer?
Accuracy | Transparency | Customization| Effortless usage

Time and Location Tracking

Real time location tracking and management
Time can become a tricky thing if not managed by our e2e Time and Location tracking module!
What do we offer?
Easy to use Software| Efficiency| Mental Peace

Employee Self-Service

Keeping Employees Empowered and Engaged
Create a positive culture by enhancing transparency and information accessibility
What do we offer?
Accessibility | Real-time Visibility | Transparency

Performance Management

Complementing Strategic Organizational Goals
Delegate, Accept and Evaluate work with e2ehr’s all-in-one Performance management module!
What do we offer?
Faster| Easier | Measureable Performance Reviews

Comprehensive Recruitment Solutions

Tailor made to suit your hiring process
Do away with the hiring data clutter with our one-stop solution for all your recruitment needs.
What do we offer?
Faster Hiring | Better Talent | Automated Workflows
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