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Employee Self-Service

Keeping Employees Empowered and Engaged
Give your employees the power! Better communication=Happy Employees Make your employees happier by connecting with them directly using e2ehr’s employee self service portal. Our employee self-service module makes your life easier by giving your employees access to their attendance reports, in/ out reports, important documents, payslips, self-appraisals, work anniversary, birthday reminders, etc. They can also apply for their leaves from the same portal.

Key Features

Employee Dashboard
Employees can view all their personal information on their dashboard. Employees can also update their information whenever they want to. They will also have access to other employees’ birthdays, company alerts, company regulations and policies, etc.
Attendance and Leave Application
Employees can view their monthly holiday calendars and their leave balance before applying for a leave. With e2ehr’s employee portal, even the team leads can keep a track of their team members’ leaves and accept or reject their applications.
Official Documents
Employees can now view all their official documents like Form 16, payslips, evaluation reports, company employee handbook, etc. on our employee module. Things will be hassle-free for you and your employees.
Help Desk
Everybody needs a help desk at work. With e2ehr’s easy to use module, set up multiple help desks, including IT, admin and HR. Direct communication from the employees will help you run your office smoothly and more efficiently.

Other Features

View all tax-related documents
IT Savings declaration
View and apply for Reimbursements
Real-time updates from all the departments
Employee Directory
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