Dynamically measurement of
employee performance, easy & interactive

Performance Management

Complementing Strategic Organizational Goals
Being a boss will feel really great! E2ehr brings to you an engaging and productivity-oriented HR solution with our Performance Management module. Right from assigning tasks to creating bulk appraisals, e2ehr is here to help you increase your employees’ motivation and efficiency. Customizable to suit your goals, our module offers you great progress reports as well to make things easier for you.

Key Features

Employee Communication
Customize and send your employees reminders and work-related alerts. You can also sync your software with emails so that no one misses anything. Set task-oriented goals for everyone and send them out weekly, monthly, or daily.
Performance Tracking
Now that you have set your goals, go ahead and define metrics which can be used to evaluate your employees’ performance. Team leads can view and assess their team members’ performance and rate them.
Performance Evaluation
e2ehr offers you everything you need for your annual performance appraisals. Form creation, employee ratings, management evaluation, appraisal reports- name it and we have it for you. What's more, the software is ultra-user-friendly.
Bulk Appraisals and Evaluation Reports
Employers can create multiple appraisal reports by choosing employee qualification. Along with sending out bulk appraisals, you can also review all your evaluation reports in one place. Analyse every employee’s evaluation and take a fair enough decision. This will only help speed up the appraisal process.

Other Features

Performance comparison reports
e-signature on the appraisal sheets
Extremely user-friendly and personalized
Multiple evaluators
Evaluation reports archives
Choose from multiple built-in metrics
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