Why e2eHR Services

Customized | Flexible | Automated | Simplified | Comprehensive


We provide integration of e2eHR with other solution using APIs.
You can register with us to access our APIs to meet your requirements. By integration our application you can enhance your HR and payroll processes.
Integration through APIs can help you:
  •  Enhancement with your existing application
  •  Easily access to application modules like Recruitment, HR, Payroll
  •  Automating & paperless processes
  •  Integration with any cloud development platform
  •  APIs help documents for rapid development
  •  Questions & Answers


Possibilities of customization are an important factor as everyone has a different processes for the same tasks.
You can register with us to discuss your custom requirements and we can help you to match your requirement with custom development.
Our customization service includes:
  •  New module development
  •  Feature enhancements
  •  Addition reports requirements
  •  Customized dashboards
  •  APIs help documents for rapid development
  •  Customized APIs


We can help you to deploy our application in your infrastructure or on the cloud. We can also provide the training on the deployment steps and also help them during the deployment process.
You can register with us to get assistance on deployment and related training.
Our deployment & training helps you in:
  •  Deployment concepts
  •  Set the environment variables
  •  Set the application parameters
  •  Application deployment guidelines
  •  Backup management